Why the Canadian Rockies are the Best Place on Earth to See the Northern Lights | Intrepid Travel

When you think of the Northern Lights – the elusive green ribbons of the earth’s solar and magnetic fields that dance through the sky on dark cold nights – places like Iceland, Greenland, and the Norwegian or Canadian Arctic typically come to mind. We think far north, hence the name.

Much to my surprise (especially as a Canadian married to an Icelandic), some of the best places to spot the bright pallet of colours of the aurora are actually right here in my backyard. Alberta, Canada is home to the top two largest Dark Sky Preserves on earth: Wood Buffalo National Park (also Canada’s largest national park) covers an area of 44,807 km2, and Jasper National Park covers an area of 11,000 km². Those spots – and plenty of small towns and parks across the province – make Alberta one of the most spectacular places on earth to catch the aurora at its finest.

Eight Reasons You Need to Explore California's Gold Country

With daily non-stops from Vancouver to Sacramento, it’s never been easier to explore a new part of the Golden State

Skip the bustle of Los Angeles and the well-known Napa Valley vineyards and head for California’s Gold Country where the pace of life truly slows down, more than just a few beats.

Hop in a rental car after the two-hour flight and head north. The history-rich region has something for every kind of long weekender, from a quiet getaway at a heritage bed and breakfast in one of America’s lesser-known most charming towns, Auburn, to sampling farm-to-table beers and wines from new and old vines in Placer County (including some that lasted through prohibition).

If you’re after a little more action, head onwards to Downieville to hit some of America’s best single-track mountain bike trails and onto Sierra City to hike beautiful sections of the famed Pacific Crest Trail, or go for a soak in a natural hot spring.

The Best Hotels and Lodges in Alberta | BC Living Magazine

Need someplace to stay while you adventure in Alberta? Look no further than these five special places to stay while traveling through The Rockies.

From the corner of Edmonton’s Jasper Avenue and 100th Street, where you’ll find the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald—a 16th-century French-inspired chateau—to the iconic Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, wrapped around the edge of Lac Beauvert, sitting on 700 acres of UNESCO World Heritage Site land in Jasper National Park to the charming Storm Mountain Lodge, nestled off a side road 30 minutes from Banff Avenue, is a true rustic-meets-luxury getaway.

Five Places to Eat and Drink in Edmonton | BC Living Magazine

Edmonton has seen a surge of exceptional watering holes and eateries led by world-class chefs and entrepreneurs with fresh ideas. Just a decade ago, Edmonton’s culinary scene could be described as so-so at best. But in recent years, the city has seen a surge of exceptional watering holes and eateries that are now ranked as some of the top places to eat and drink in Canada. From a pastel-pink-radiator-shop-turned-distillery to a Scandinavian-inspired French hotspot, here are five local restaurants that are reason enough to take a trip to the Big E.